Title: Fisheries Technician 1
Department: Fisheries
Accountable to: Fisheries Technician 2 / Department Biologist(s)
Accountable for:
Hours of work and Term: Casual, on-call

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Summary of Responsibilities

Provide field support for the collection, processing, preservation and analysis of samples, data and information and the conduct of studies and investigations in Fisheries, for Lax Kw’alaams.

Collect scientific data and information to biologists within Lax Kw’alaams Fisheries Department.

Key Responsibilities


1. Assisting staff in the preparation and conduct of field projects in Fisheries

2. Participating in the collection, preservation, processing and analysis of biological, chemical or physical samples, data and information using standard methods and procedures.

3. Inputting, maintaining and summarizing data and information in electronic format and providing data to managers.

4. Primary processing of field samples, data and specimens in preparation for final analysis.

5. Collecting data on:
• Stock enumerations, primarily Sockeye, Crab, Herring, shellfish
• Assist with Biological sampling
• Fish species identification
• Fish collection, using a variety of techniques
• Water quality sampling

6. Surveying fish habitat

7. Stream restoration activities

8. Writing field notes in relation to the above, including photographs.

9. Provide data for reports for Fisheries staff.


1. Operating and maintaining field/laboratory boat and truck equipment and instruments and identifying materials and supplies to be replenished, reporting any problems identified. Ensure calibration of field meters.

2. Ensure equipment storage shed maintenance is undertaken and issues are reported.

3. Other duties as required of this position.

Qualifications and Competencies
The Fisheries Technician will require the following qualifications, values and competencies.


  1. Minimum education is grade 10.

 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1. Driver’s license and reliable vehicle an asset.

2. Knowledge of enumeration techniques and fish identification is desirable.

3. First Aid and Med 3 certification may be required.

4. Electrofishing certification desirable. Experience in fish capture techniques is desirable.

5. Must be comfortable and safe in working in and around water.

6. Experience in handling small boats may be required.

7. Flexibility in work schedule

8. Technicians are required to be on time, and be prepared to work in all weather conditions

9. Worksite safety regulations must be adhered to at all times, and technicians must demonstrate a good work ethic.

How to Apply: send resumes to employment@laxbdl.com with the job title in the subject line or drop them off at 100 1st Ave East, Prince Rupert, BC

Deadline to apply is Wednesday July 1, 2020.