Gain hands-on experience on dryland log sorts, learning the steps required in weight scaling, how to grade logs, identify log species and more. Learn practical skills through class lectures, directed home study and field work as you prepare for the Ministry of Forests theoretical Coastal Log Scaling Exam. As a graduate, you will be well-prepared for log scaling positions in all aspects of the forestry industry including government and private forestry companies.

“Log scalers categorize and assess the logs coming out of the woods to ensure our forest resources are used in the best way they can be. It’s a key part of the forest industry and very rewarding work.” Scott McKillop, Coastal Log Scaling Instructor.


Campbell River


February 11, 2019


12 weeks


Minimum age 16

Canadian resident

Customized log scaling assessment

What you will learn

LOG-015 Log Scaler Training – Theory

LOG-016 Coastal Log Scaling – Practical

OFA-010 Occupational First Aid Level 1

For more information, contact Lisa Girbav at 250-627-5733 ext 2026