The Stepping Stones Program is an employment training and job readiness program developed by LandSea and Megan Maclure, delivered to Lax Kw’alaams and Metlakatla members seeking employment.

The Stepping Stones program enables students to confidently apply skills and knowledge learned to entry level kitchen and housekeeping positions in a camp environment and beyond.

After program completion students will have a basic understanding of how remote camps operate, the types of remote camps, what you need to do to prepare for your employment, hands on basic culinary and housekeeping skills, as well as the basic certification required to work in a remote area.

The skills learned in the Stepping Stones program are transferable to other community based hospitality, cooking and customer service employment opportunities. This program is a starting point from which the possibilities are endless.

Accessory courses will be delivred by the Coastal Training Center as part of the Stepping Stones Program.

Students will receive certification for:

Foodsafe Level 1

Occupational First Aid Level 1

Super host


To register, contact

Lisa Girbav
250-627-5733 (ext. 2026)

Registration ends September 28, 2018